How It WorksAligners Made Simple

3 easy steps to the smile you always wanted

Your doctor takes a scan or impression of your mouth and sends us your models.
Work with your doctor finalize your new smile. It’s when you get to see your before-and-after smile.
Pick up your aligners at the doctor’s office.

Why Archworx?

Why ArchWorx Trays Aligners Made Simple Archworx aligners are the ideal solution for people who do not want to undergo full orthodontic treatments with braces or long, drawn-out tray treatments. We streamline the process by customizing what is most important to you, a great smile.
4 Months later 4 Months Later Making a change in your smile can make a change in your outlook on life! You will shine from within and smile with confidence. Ask your doctor for an aligner consultation today and learn how you can Smile Happy.