case analysis & pricing

Archworx aligners are designed to treat simple to moderate misaligned anterior teeth. By using high-quality materials and technician oversight for each case, we are able to get the most out of each tray while surprising our doctors on how few aligners are actually needed.

We allow customization of our system to allow your ideal treatment plan.

Popular Systems
3- tray system per arch
• Includes 1 Refinement
6- tray system per arch
• Includes 2 Refinements
9- tray system per arch
• Includes 3 Refinements
Additional Aligners
Setup Fee (Less than 3 Aligners)
Add Pontic (per/Aligners)
Replacement Aligner
On-Site Intraoral Scan
2 retainers (per/arch)
Bonded 3-3 (per/arch)
Indirect Bonding Aligners
Per-Case Cost Analysis
ArchWorx Case Analysis Cost Per Patient